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Spa and Wellness

Massage Therapy is beneficial for everyone because it releases tightness, and reduces pain by targeting specific areas.


Keep calm and get treated to the health you deserve. “Make time for your wellness or your body will be forced to make time for your illness”, said a wise human once. Read that again and again until you understand how important your physical health actually is. 

One of the saddest things is that health is so underrated by many in our time. Health in all aspects is extremely important and at Glam Icon Salon we help you realize just how far you can go to improve your physical health with our top-grade special treatments and excellent facilities. Your health is a priority and not only to you but to us as well when you trust us with it.

Health is so important because if you don’t look after it the way you should, then don’t expect to get anything done any time soon as your health literally dictates what you can and can’t do with your body. We’re all so quick to achieve a lot in life, we make it a priority to secure the bag, drive the nicest cars, build the most impressive homes and wear stunning designer clothes but we often forget we can’t achieve any of these without looking after our health first. At Glam Icon Salon, we got you if you’re ready to be treated like the king and queen you are whilst achieving impressive results.

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