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Nail Care

We have a variety of nail options such as Manicure, pedicure and more.


Okay darlings just because we have a lot of problems doesn’t mean we have to look like them! Much less take our problems out on our nails!! I came across an amazing definition of nail care and it says “nail care is an act of self care for all the work our hands do every day and it’s also an approach to keeping nails healthy and clean for us to have another place for self expression.” Wow…because that’s literally what our nail technicians at Glam Icon Salon strive for! I mean c’mon…wouldn’t you beam with a smile just looking down at your pretty lil fingers and nails in cute shades you probably didn’t know you could pull off?? 

And the best part is how clean and sanitary they’ll be while still making other ladies envious; the total package! They say the happiest girls always have the prettiest nails and I sure as heck know they weren’t kidding. 

Now getting manicures and pedicures doesn’t only apply to the ladies…gentlemen you deserve to have presentable finger nails as well because self love wasn’t only made for one gender!! Finally, “they lied to you…money does buy happiness. It’s called a nail appointment” so what are you waiting for to book one with us?

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