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Men & Women Hair Cuts 

Glam Icon Salon offers a wide variety of hair services such as Custom Highlights, Specialized Color, Updos, and much more!


What do hair cuts do? Say it with me folks; they reveal the beauty that unnecessary hair hides at times. In ancient African culture some tribes like the Baganda had most of their women cut off their hair before a big event such as a wedding because they believed less hair accentuated your facial features whilst revealing a glow and represented hygiene. 

Talk about class in the old days.
When it comes to men, a hair cut says a lot about him. First forget the watch and shoes and car for a minute…legitimately a man’s hair cut can tell you what type of man you’re dealing with. Is he a clean guy that looks after himself and won’t leave the burden to you like you’re his mom and does he love himself enough to know that he deserves to look fresh 24/7/365? Also helps you know who you can work with. 

Take for instance you’re making business deals with someone and he can’t even look after the crown on his head, how do you trust and expect him to look after your money? I will say this though; trust Glam Icon Salon professionals to wow you with their extraordinary skills and gadgets in this field.

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