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Bridal Services

From girls night out, to prom, or your dream wedding.


Glamor really comes at unexpected times; it could be during a girls’ night out or a high school prom or just a regular party. We all know that dreadful moment when you really doubt your physical appearance’s ability to turn heads and your confidence is at an all time low. Well we’re here to save the day at any occasion and believe me we are going to make your confidence go through the roof with our expertise and immense love for what we do. Don’t be surprised when you look in the mirror and can’t get enough of yourself.
Picture this…it’s your special day and you probably feel like something is missing to make it that perfect day you’ve been picturing for so long but you can’t exactly put your finger on what’s missing…now I’m here to assure you that it’s Glam Icon Salon your probably really wanting to run to for help. 

 Count on us to offer you all the services imaginable to make you feel like the princess or prince you love to be on such a great day. Expect literally a whole makeover from a full face polish and facial cleansing to an oddly satisfying manicure/pedicure plus a full body wax, whatever it is you need, we got it just for you.

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