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Beauty Therapy 

We offers makeup services to fit all occasions, and lifestyles.


Life is too short to not see yourself glow up like royal you are. We all know you could build the most stunning house ever with a splendid surrounding of kempt green and yes it’ll definitely look great for its first few weeks or months and it’ll stand out but if you don’t look after it do you certainly think it’ll stay that gorgeous?

We all know the answer to that and obviously in this case, the stunning house and splendid surrounding of green is a metaphor for your physical appearance. You’re beautiful already as it is but darling if you don’t make it a point to look after yourself then that might not end up so good. That’s exactly what Glam Icon Salon is here for; to look after you in a profound way that is progressive and maintains the glow that you so desire all the while offering top notch service.

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